Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Walk in the Past

When I lived at home this was the most favorite place of mine. It was where I would go when I was sad, mad or just because. It was so peaceful and QUIET ( I had 4 older brothers). THis is the place I would play for hours and I was in my own little world. I would sit on the edge of the big rock cut and it would drive my mother crazy. She was afraid I would slip and fall and she was right to be afraid. It was at least 30 feet in the air. A fall would have been awful, most likely something broken.I took a stroll through it again the other day. It has aged like everything but ever so beautiful. Now I see the potential it has for a woodland garden. Why did I not think of this place when we built our house years ago. It would have been perfect with all the maple trees towering over us in the summer with there umbrella's. Oh I can see it now with the daffodils poking through right now. Maybe one day.

These are just some pics of some fungai growing on a tree that has fallen. They were just perfect! Not sure what made me drawn to this place again but it was well worth it.


  1. What a wonderful posting. I had a spot to go all my own too although an only child and not four brothers to get away from once in a while :-) Everyone should have one.

  2. Is the house you built far from this? BTW, nothing my mother or thirty mothers could have said would have kept me away from that rock.

  3. Hey Cheryl this is nice. I've been snooping around and saw you had a happy accident with the periwinkle. I use to go into the woods next door and sit on an old stump when I wanted to be alone to think. And I didn't have 4 brothers just a younger brother and sister (many years later another brother). I guess it just feels good to be alone with your thoughts now and then.

  4. I had a place on a ledge overlooking the ocean in Maine. I used to climb up and out on the rocks and sit there for hours;-) My private poetry-writing spot;-)
    I agree, when we were younger our parents couldn't make us understand danger!
    I love the fungus in the dead tree. It is interesting.

  5. Places of escape are important even to big girls. Loved the weather photos. I'm impressed you were brave enough to rake - I'm going to have to wait another week just to be sure. Welcome to Blotanical!

  6. Nice post. This place has some charm...
    I hope you have time for gardening. Three kids! I have twin boys who are 10 y.o. now. They are helpers! But yours are so little yet!