Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beautiful Day

You can feel it in the air. Spring is for sure around the corner. This was the pic I took while feeding the cattle this morning. Caught this one sitting in the tractor. I was hoping that they would fan themselves out, but nope, they were just enjoying their grazing.
Wild Turkeys

Caught this little guy having a rest. He fell on the ice this past winter and has a bad hip, so he took a break inbetween. No wonder it was plus 13 degrees today. Ahhhh, sit back and soak up the sun!

Later when I came home we all came out to play. I had to take a picture of this. My little guy didn't want to sit on the ground. Smart so he pulled over one of the sleigh's and sat in it and played in the puddle. Couple of minutes later sis did the same thing. Looks like their out fishing. LOL
Looky what I found. One of the first traces of SPRING. My daffodils are coming up. Hooray!

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