Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Perwinkle "Out of Control"

Today as I was raking away some of the leaves I discovered the most amazing sight. I recall 2 years ago I pulled out some perwinkle and threw it over the fence. Now I know I seen a little bit of it growing back there last year but never imagined there would be this much now.

Sorry it appears I added 2 of the same pics and cannot figure out how to remove them. Anyway I realize the pictures are not great but the area that is covered is approximately 8' x 12'. And thats not all the leaves raked away. Wow is all I can say. Maybe it's invasive enough to kill out my poisin ivy problem. I'll just throw some into the ivy and watch it grow.

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  1. Periwinkle does spread but at least it has a pretty purple flower that blooms in spring. I have it too, but I enjoy it...it's nice ground cover, if it's in the right place! 'In the Garden' itself wouldn't be the right place! Luckily it is easily pulled up...nothing like Vinca Major...that is one horrible, invasive crawling vine.
    If you are new to blogging, I understand it's all a mystery at first! To remove a picture from your post, just right-click on the photo (in the editing mode), and hit delete. When you right-click it, some lines will show up that surround the photo...just hit delete, and it will disappear!
    Happy Blogging--and welcome to Blotanical;-) Jan