Sunday, March 22, 2009

Red morning, sailors warning!

My dad used to tell me that. Red morning, sailors warning, red night sailors delight. So does this mornings sunrise mean we are in for bad weather. Well my knees say not, so perhaps this little tale is not true, however my knees have been wrong before and the saying has never been wrong. What do you think? It is was alot redder when I got up but I could not find my camera. OOPS! By the way you will find I LOVE sunrises and sunsets and I do take a lot of pics of them.

During my daughters ballet class yesterday I went shopping at the local discount store"Giant Tiger". I was so excited when I seen these seeds. We LOVE hot peppers in this house and I only plant normally one or two varieties, but I found the perfect seed pack. 5 varieties in one. Whoo HOO. I planted them immediately when I got home. Just cannot wait to see which ones come up. Oh I picked up some old fashioned Canterbury Bells. You know I have not planted them in years. Cannot wait to have these beauties in the Garden this year.

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  1. What a beautiful sunrise! Sunrise is so much prettier than sunset to me. Hope the weather held out and that the sailors prediction was off the mark.