Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's Up March?

So far March has given us plenty of weather conditions and I've just about had enough for the past week. So lets start here. A very snowy, snowy day early in the morning.

By early afternoon we had this. A very beautiful sunshine afternoon. The boys are playing in leaves that will soon become a new garden and a new fence added too. We raked up some leaves and pine needles. That's how excited we are for summer.
Then the following morning. Same scene as the top picture, but before the fierce winds came. Where's the snow?? Again it's gone, but for how long this time?

The skies are changing for the winds. Kinda creepy isn't it.

The winds have arrived and are gusting at 90-100km. We live beside a lake and I had to take a picture of how the snow was blowing. It was just incrediable. Look how it is blowing through the trees. Here at my place we still have lots of snow as you can see.

At least this morning looks promising at 6:45am, minus the frigit temperatures. Soon the sun will be up.

And what the future holds. Hard to believe that this is the same pic as above. Yep, thats 15 acres of corn. That is what we look at from our living room window in the summer. Beautiful isn't it. This year it will be a sea of alfala.

I wander what is in store for today?

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