Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little Piece of Heaven

Going back on my pictures on my camera today I found this one.  Now this is perfection.  Who could ask for anything else.  I remember this summer evening like it was yesterday. My twin boys birthday party.  It just warms me to think about it. 

I thought there could be nothing more peaceful and perfect then this. I long to see this again.  Until today.

Since the ice storm that fell apond us on December 26, the days just keep getting more beautiful.  The day after the storm it was a very fogging morning, the sun desperately trying to make its way through the fog.  The result stunning picture taking.

As the day progressed the scenes were even more breath taking.

The sun was out in full force only to please the eye more as the minutes went by.

The sun came down to give us a magical show of shimmering branches.  Just beautiful.

It was magical. Almost not real it was so beautiful.

Then the fog rolled in.  Now that was a sight.  My header pic is another shot of the fog. 

And a fabulous pink sky to say good night.

I have so many pictures that I just cannot post them all, and boy do I want to.  I hope you enjoyed my picture story.


  1. Beautiful pics! But I have to say that I am partial to the summer sunset! I have seen enough snow already this winter to last me a lifetime! LOL!

  2. Stunning images!Absolutely breathtaking! Magical indeed. We don't have any snow here...