Saturday, December 26, 2009

Icy Wonderland

Watch your step! I thought today I was going to write on what I got for Christmas and what I did not. But we woke this morning to a icy wonderland. Thank goodness not like the Ice Storm of 2008. As beautiful as it looked with all the trees and fences and.....coated with a thick layer of ice, I really do not want to see that again. I figured in the middle of the night that it was going to be a lovely picture taking day after hearing the ice hit the windows that woke me from my slumber. This morning the windows were coated also with a layer of ice. Unfortunately someone did not charge the batteries from Christmas so I could not get that pic.

Our beautiful shade tree in the summer was ghostly this morning.

This guy always gets hit hard and this morning we were leaning to the side.

Christmas cedar decor was hanging beautifully with a coating of glass like material.

The spirea I'm sure will look stunning tonight with the lights on. The glow will bounce off the ice.

The junipter also was prettily decorated, with what is left of it from the snow.

The great swing bearing pine tree was a stunning umbrela this morning.

Well that concludes my icy morning and hopefully the wind will not start up like last year after Christmas. I do like my lights but if we are destined to be without hydro so be it. Have a great Boxing Day!


  1. Hi Cheryl! It does look like a wonderland. Everything looks nice, but the third picture from the top is especially beautiful! Our winter is green and cool, not cold. I wanted snow badly, but after seeing what was going on in other states, I started to doubt. Icy roads, broken trees, frozen plants... I have mixed feelings now. Thank you for showing your white pictures. Stay warm!

  2. yip a winter wonderland. Hope they clear the roads and footpaths better than here in UK. I'm under 1 foot of the stuff - footpaths horrendous and roads treacherous. Its sure nice to look out on but after a week of it its scary now out on the roads - we got stuck in it yesterday and skidded a few times today. Stay safe and a Happy New Year to you.