Monday, February 15, 2010

The Sweet Potato Experiment Update

Remember a little while ago I found a sprouting sweet potato and had the idea of trying to grow it inside.  Well this is what it looks like now.

It is growing into a beauitful lush vine.  I just love the purple leaves with the lime green veins going through.  I cannot wait till it grows even larger.  But what is really making me wonder is will it actually produce tubers?  Truly that is my goal. So stay tuned.

I thought this was  a really neat looking picture this morrning.  The sky is just a lovely place to look for beautiful pictures.


  1. The vine is very pretty. It pays to experiment with propagation. All of my attempts are like make it and a lot of them didn't. Nothing to lose!
    Also, wow, what a beautiful photo of the sky! :)

  2. Keep your fingers crossed, and after six months tubers will be ready to be harvested! ~bangchik

  3. That is a pretty sky pic. Those leaves on the sweet potato remind me of the coloring on arrowhead plants. Very pretty!

  4. I am sure that potato plant will do its best! I think it's grateful to you for giving it a chance!

  5. My husband has decided to grow his own vine, in remembrance of the one from his college days. Your vine looks like it is going to be quite beautiful!

  6. I have some Ipomoeas in my collection, including one green chartreuse, giving
    nice not too sweet potatoes and excellent texture and color, as seeing in my blog.

    Good luck in your projects...