Monday, February 1, 2010

February, the month of LOVE

February the month of LOVE and what better way to express your feelings to one another then by flowers.  Here are the top 10 flowers representing Love.

10. Iris - The Iris is one of the loveliest flowers, and has the meaning of faith and hope. The three points of the Iris are said to symbolize faith, wisdom and valor. In Ancient Roman times, it was used for purification.

09. Sunflower - The gorgeous and luminous Sunflower stands for adoration. Long ago, women who wished to conceive would eat sunflower seeds. Sunflowers are also known as the emblem of spiritualism.

08. Gardenia - The sweet smelling Gardenia symbolizes love and peace and along with the daisy, is one of my favorite flowers. Scattering dried gardenia around a room is said to stimulate peaceful and loving vibrations.

07. Lilac - Lilacs have been loved by many generations, both for their breathtaking beauty and for their irresistiblearoma. The Lilac is said to ask the question "Do you still love me?" to the receiver. The Lilac is also a symbol of protection and was first planted in the New England region to protect against evil.

06. Carnation - The promising Carnation, very popular in corsages, stands for fascination and should be given to someone who holds you captivated. The Carnation also has healing properties and in Elizabethan times, was used to defer sickness.

05. Orchid - The orchid is commonly one of the most used floral symbols of affection in the West and stands for love, beauty and seduction. Be careful to whom you give this flower to, as it's message is clearly put across.

04. Lily - Lilies (excluding Lily of the Valley) stand for beauty and are extremely popular in wedding ceremonies. Lore surrounding the Lily states that whoever finds the first Lily of the season will bring strength to him or herself.

03. Tulip - The highly popular tulip also stands for love as well as protection. In fact, Middle Eastern countries wear this flower in their turbans for protection.

02. Daisy - Daisies, a personal favorite, symbolize innocence, purity and loyalty. The Daisy is said to bring love to the receiver. It is also said that whoever picks the first daisy of the season will be possessed by flirtatious spirit beyond their control.

01. Rose - The rose is a classic and a staple involving anything to do with love, especially Valentine's Day. Roses simply mean, "I Love You" but they also have other wonderful qualities. Rose petals sprinkled around the home are said to calm personal stress and household turmoil. You could go even further and add Rose Oil to make a sensual bath for two.

Here are the meanings of some other flowers.
Primrose (love), Sweetpea (friendship and chastity), Magnolia (fidelity), Pansy (love), Passion Flower (peace and friendship), Hibiscus (meaning lust), Periwinkle (love and lust), Hyacinth (happiness), Lavender (love, longevity, happiness, and peace), Plumeria (love), Violet (love, lust and peace) and Jasmine (spiritual love) would also all be great additions to any bouquet.

First Love
· Asters symbolize beginnings.
· Azaleas represent first love.
· Daisies mean innocence.
· Hyacinths are representative of young love.
· Purple lilacs represent the first experience of love.
· White roses symbolize innocence and purity.

Long-Time Love
· A Red and White Rose combination represents unity.
· Baby's Breath means ever-lasting love.
· Honeysuckle symbolizes the bonds of love.
· Lavender means devotion.
· Pink roses symbolize lasting friendship.
· Stephanotis, or Madagascar jasmine, means happiness in marriage.

Unrequited Love
· Sunflowers mean adoration.
· Pomegranate symbolizes unspoken desire.
· Yellow Tulip represents hopeless love.

Passion and Desire
· Anthurium means intense attraction.
· Calla lily symbolizes magnificent beauty.
· Orchids represent ecstasy.
· Pansies symbolize the unspoken thoughts of lovers.
· Peach roses expresse desire.
· Red roses represent passion and love.

Missing You
· Agapanthus, or African lily, symbolizes love letters.
· Astilbe, or False Spirea, means "I will wait for you."
· Heliotrope inspires thoughts of devotion.
· Gladioli represent strength of character, a necessary asset to anyone far away from their lover.
· Ivy means fidelity
· Violets represent faithfulness.
· Zinnia symbolizes the thought of absent friends.


  1. What a nice guide! I like knowing more about the meanings of flowers, thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely! I enjoy flower symbolism too!! fun post! yay!

  3. Very very informative post, I really like it :)

  4. I love Iris, Sunflowers and Daisies, but Pink Roses are my absolute favorite.

  5. When the Gardenias bloom in June, I must remember to dry some, which is easily done.

  6. Thank you for an interesting and informative post! I love the symbolism of flowers. I think it would be beautiful if someone planted a lovers garden, using only plants symbolizing some aspect of love and devotion. I will think about it!

  7. I'd never thought of the idea of giving a bunch of Sunflowers, but I like it! I do like roses too, but maybe some of the strawberries in your last post would be nice too!

  8. Gardenias are my all time favorite. I enjoyed your post!

  9. Hi Cheryl, I really enjoyed this post...both FUN and Informative;-) Jan