Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Sweet Potato Experiment

Well, I did not intend on this little experiment, it just sort of happened.  I was cleaning out one of my annoying corner cupboards and found this.

A sprouting sweet potato.  And as you can see not just one.  I've never had one sprout before, but perhaps since it was lost it had the time to do this.  So now what?

I'm going to attempt growing it inside.  Crazy huh!  Well I have nothing to lose.  I'm actually kinda excited about it.  However, I have never grown sweet potatoes before so this is going to be a real challenge for me.  Watch for updates on my Sweet Potato Experiment.


  1. looks a little like a sea creature (walrus?) tangled in seaweed!

  2. When I first met my husband as a young college student, he had a sweet potato vine growing in a pot in his bedroom. He had started it from a potato from his mom's kitchen. He didn't give it any special care, so it must be easy!

  3. exciting! I am a sweet potatoe fanatic..I eat them like crazy! Lovely picture..I look forward to hearing how thigns go! Best of luck..

  4. Keep me "posted" on what happens. :) I have never tried that, so it will be informative. ~Amy