Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bloom Darn it!

Wandering what I'm referring to.  My non blooming WYSTERIA of 13 years.  Yes in 13 years it has not produced on single bloom.  All I want is that beautiful bloom that I know it can produce.  Are the blooms not just perfect.  This is what I want but.....

This is what I get.  Just a lush vine.  If  I wanted a vine that only had greenery I would have planted a ivy.  Darn you wisteria, I'm losing my patience with you.  What can I do with you to produce me one bloom.  It does not have to be big, at this point I will take anything.  URRRRRR
Oh, that is one of the twins if you are wandering.

But she sure likes to climb.  We were hoping that it will cover the gazebo now and give me some wonderful blooms.  However, after this long I'm not sure it will.  I have tried everything and nothing works.  So I will have to settle with a vigorous vine, don't get me wrong it is still very pretty but it is not what I planted it for. 

Bloom you darn Wysteria!
or I may have to end your life.

This is my first threat, so you better start soon. 

Happy Gardening Friends.


  1. Oh, that has to be frustrating! I hope this is the year ~ it would be absolutely gorgeous blooming and covering your gazebo.

  2. You are a generous soul, giving your Wisteria 13 years to bloom! I do that too on occasion, leaving a plant in the garden just one more year because this might be the year it does what it's supposed to. I need to be more ruthless. Even though it isn't blooming, it does look lush and healthy.
    Christine in Alaska

  3. I think you need to prune it to encourage blooms Cheryl. It should be pruned right after flowering... but since yours does not bloom I would guess you could do so anytime only look before you cut... there may be buds. Good luck!

  4. I have heard that severe pruning will encourage a wisteria to flower, even to the point of root pruning, that is driving a shovel through the roots about a foot and a half from the trunk. But - chances are you already know this and have already tried it. Some wisteria just never bloom. A house we moved to when I was a child had an enormous wisteria growing over the porch and up the sides of the house. Neigbors said people came from miles to see it when it bloomed. Unfortunately, it was destroying parts of the house, and my dad had to have it removed.

  5. Thank you everyone for the advice. I have tried all that you have said. I mean I have been down right mean to it to the point I did not think it would live and still, NOTHING. We planted it when we built the house because I loved the way the blooms had a draping effect and would look gorgeous walking underneath them. Perhaps I will keep it for one more year and then consider its life. Thank you all again.

  6. I feel your pain. I have had two for 11 years that have not bloomed. I had tried everything so last spring I severely pruned it and dug around the roots to shock it. Just to insult it more into blooming I planted clematis vines beside them with a stern warning that if they did not bloom next spring out they go and the clematis vines stay. LOL! So I will see this spring if they bloom or not. It is just so frustrating I know.

  7. Oh, you are so patient! 13 years?! Did you try to google "Wisteria not blooming?"

  8. I hack at mine all the time. Not just a tiny snippet of pruning, but hard pruning. It will grow back. I only hack at new growth, however, unless I'm cutting a whole limb to the ground.

    Wait until late June to prune, to give it a chance to bloom first. Look for little knobby bud things in the meantime.

  9. I like the idea of planting something beside it. Perhaps a little competition would do it some good. LOL....Thanks all, I'm really at my wits end with this plant. Will have to have a long chat with it in the spring again.

  10. I think death threats help, lol.
    Now that you have done that, it will probably flower this year.