Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside all I have to say.  It is the coldest its been all winter so far.  Started out not too bad, then the very short blizzard set in.

You honestly could not see more that 15 feet in front of you.  Crazy!  Then the blizzard stopped and the wonderful wind set in.

60km gusts that is.  There was mini tornadoes all over the fields.  Pretty but just a little chilly.  Then the skies parted.

It was heavenly how the rays of sun were beaming down. 

So the temperature still sits at a warm -27 C with a windchill of around -39 C.  No playing outside today. 


  1. Gorgeous photos of a winter wonderland!

  2. Brrr! Just looking at that blowing snow makes me cold. Hang in or on there. ;-)

  3. We've had alot of snow here in Oklahoma too.. Your temp's are really cold! Here it is 20 degrees or so and I thought that was cold!! I love the last picture you shared. It does look heavenly with the way the rays of sun was beaming down.. very beautiful!!

    Have a good weekend... stay safe & warm!

  4. Yikes. If you're still in the deep freeze, then that means we'll have it for a few days yet. The frigid air rolled in sometime overnight, on top of the blizzard we had yesterday. However, I can deal if it gets it out of its system NOW, as opposed to in April. Stay warm!

  5. Pretty photos of a cold blizzard! Stay warm and drink hot chocolate :)