Thursday, April 2, 2009

Walk with Nature

Today ended up as a rainy day and not much to do outside. So my 3 kids and I went for a nature hike before and during the rain. We have alot to explore around our home and we try and take different directions daily. Take a journey with us today as I show you one of our adventures.

We do not live right on the water, there is a small lot between us and the lake but this is at our summer time neighbor's cottage. The shore on the other side belongs to my parents in the first picture.
The shore.
I just loved the way the lake looks so I took lots of pictures.
If the island was not in the picture, I'm not sure whether you could tell which was sky and which was the lake. They look the same. The ice is sure breaking now and after the rain is done I'm sure there will be none left.

Coming down the hill was easy but going back up is not. Very steep hill. Glad I do not live on the bottom of this one in the winter.

Another pic of the steep hill.

Yea, we made it to the top. Now we are at our back entrance driveway. Very beautiful sight in the fall.

Main driveway. Yep, looking a little muddy now. Had to add this one. My little fella's like to take a push toy with them sometimes so today it was the wheelbarrow for this guy. Frustrating though for him. It kept getting stuck in the mud. Poor dude!

And to end our adventure today, the only pretty color showing yet. A beautiful red sumac seed pod.


  1. A very nice surroundings ... I love the lake! cheers .... ~ bangchik

  2. Beautiful lake pictures. I love walking by the water too. Keep walking.